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From 1964 to the present 

This the image database of Dutch-Surinamese photographer and digital artist Waldo Koendjbiharie. He has been perfectioning the art of photography since he was 15 years old. Waldo Koendjbiharie is born in South America, Surinam in 1949.
Over the years he photographed prime minister, fashion shows, beauty pageants and the Dutch – Surinamese community. He had several expositions and his work has been displayed in the major hall in City Hall of the Dutch city The Hague.
Waldo worked at and served for 42 years the SDU ( Dutch National Publisher).

Digital photos

I created many analog pictures and developed them in the dark room in my own studio. Now I create images with the best digital cameras. 

Digital art

I use the digital images to create new art and bring them to life with huge canvasses. 

Fashion shoots

Next to landscape, buildings and events I do personalized photoshoots such as Miss India Holland beauty pageant. 

choose your images 

For over 50 years I have been collecting amazing images of Surinam and Holland.  You can access these images via de shop. I am happy to advise on which images you can order for your office or home. 


Do you work for an organisation and do you want an exposition or a private selection of images of buildings, Surinam, Holland or digital art? Feel free to contact me. 

Digital art 

I have created this digital pieces of art to cheer up office buildings and homes. These art pieces are available per private order. Are you interested in these pieces? Please contact me and I will arrange something special for you.